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MGC Trailer to Help Students with FAFSA

MGC Do Yourself a FAFSA

The Mobile Go Center trailer will be pulling into the visitors parking lot across from the Student Union on Oct. 4 to help TWU students complete their FAFSAs for the 2018-2019 school year. The MGC trailer will be equipped with laptops and volunteers to help students get through the application process.  

G-Force in Tow 

Volunteering for the event will be members of TWU’s G-Force Mentor Program; G-Force is “a peer mentoring program that enables and encourages high school students to realize their full potential and ability to pursue higher education,” according to its website 

This particular event is geared towards serving TWU students as FAFSA applications re-open for the next calendar year on Oct. 1. “We want to make sure our TWU students are there (at that date) quickly because I know that it’s a financial burden (attending school) sometimes,” said Assistant Director of Go Programs Angelica Landeros-Henderson.  

G-Force Recruiting for the Spring 

This event is an extension of G-Force’s overall efforts to ensure that everyone considers an opportunity at college and that once they get there, they stay there. The G-Force currently has 55 mentors and is expecting at least 15 openings in the spring. In particular, Landeros-Henderson encourages graduate students to apply for the program. “We see a lot of graduate students come and want to meet another graduate student. . . they want to know their personal experience,” said Landeros-Henderson.  

The dedication of its mentors is evident in G-Force President Kelsi Foxworth. “Through G-Force, being able to help the students and realize how much it’s impacted them and giving them the opportunity to show that they can go to college, and that they can find a way… it’s empowering; it really soaks deep down, and it makes you want to make a difference in the community,” said Foxworth.  

Foxworth, with her fellow mentors, will be making that difference for TWU students this Wednesday, Oct. 4. 

For more information about joining the G-Force, students can visit their website 

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