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Little Chapel in the Woods once again named “Best Wedding Venue in Denton”

For the second year in a row, TWU Little Chapel-in-the-Woods is named “Best Wedding Venue in Denton”. The previous awards the chapel has received include WeddingWire’s Couples’ Choice Award in 2020, Here Comes The Guide’s“Best Wedding Chapel” and “Best North Texas Wedding Venue.” 

“I think the [stained glass window] is the biggest draw for everybody, and there’s no other place like the Little Chapel,” Little Chapel coordinator Callie Sawyer said. “It’s very different. It’s the uniqueness and beauty that really draws people in and our staff and people that work in the chapel that run a lot of our weddings are a big part of it too. And I think they’re a big part of us getting that honor too.”

Chapel lead Mariana Gomez Pedroso is among the employees that are honored by the award that the chapel has received.

“The chapel is a trending spot, and it’s really flexible and adaptable to the looks that the couple wants to portray for the wedding,” Gomez Pedroso said. “You can have a lot of Instagram pictures, and the chapel allows [you] to have a vintage look, like different styles, which is why we got chosen. The service and [the process] to book is very easy. We have the best service overall, so I feel like that was a huge help in this compared to other wedding venues.”

The chapel was a lifelong dream of former President L.H Hubbard, who wanted a place where people could come for a spiritual retreat and a place of prayer. His dream started with a goal of raising $15,000 by doing bake sales, and in turn allowed students to begin construction of the chapel by hand carving the pews and stained glass windows. Although, the history of the chapel goes deeper than its architecture.

“Eleanor Roosevelt came [to the chapel] in November 1939,” Sawyer said. “She was out on the lawn [and] 4,000 people were in attendance, and dedicated the chapel before it was completely finished. She did a speech, and it was broadcasted on the radio [and] the actual podium she used is in the library right now, and people can come and look at it.”

The chapel is a significant part of TWU and Denton’s history, according to Sawyer. By getting married in the chapel, the couple gets to be part of its history.

“[Couples] appreciate the architecture and the history that comes with that because TWU students are the ones that care for the pew and the accents on it.” Gomez Pedroso said. “It is a nice place to be able to [know] that you can always come back.”

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