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Lady Pioneers overcome the odds

Last week, the TWU basketball team took on the challenge of breaking a seven-game losing streak. Going into a tug of war match during overtime, the final scoreboard was indefinite. However, with the odds stacked against them and the stakes high, the Pioneers pulled through with a 72-70 triumph over Cameron University’s Lady Aggies in a postitive change of circumstance.

The star players of the game were Freshman Macy Wilkerson from Rockwall, Texas with 25 points, Junior London Archer from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with 11 rebounds and Senior KJ Statsny from Celina, Texas with four assists. It is no secrets that the Pioneers were struggling to secure another win, but thanks to their tenacity and strong teamwork, they were able to pull themselves out of a several weeks-long slump.

Perhaps getting the win over Cameron University reignited the team’s fire because the Pioneers went on to have a very close game against Eastern New Mexico University’s Greyhounds, just shy of victory, with the Greyhounds making their free throws for a final score of 78-79. With less than a minute in the game and the Pioneers with a three-point lead, the Greyhounds hit a game changing three-pointer to tie up the score. This game against Eastern New Mexico University would be the second straight game that the Pioneers went into overtime, making for an exciting midseason. Notable players of the game were again, Junior London Archer with 24 points and eight rebounds and Senior KJ Stastny with 11 rebounds and six assists.

As one can see, a couple of frustrating losses has not caused the determined Pioneers to falter even a step. These girls and coaches have shown that they are not to be written off and will continue to put up a fight for the duration of the season. When asked, many of the players on the team have commented on their excitement to see what the future has in store and how ready they are to continue growing closer as a team.

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