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Jupiter House

1062_10153762485114030_6461522463184922401_nCoffee is a necessity for my survival, so it is essential that I have a go to place for my caffeinated nutrients.

 There are a million different coffee shops in Denton- all of them with a distinct and unique vibe. It is hard to find a coffee shop that simultaneously fulfills my coffee needs (I need good coffee to keep me going) and gives me a feeling of belonging, even in a town that offers a seemingly endless supply of coffee shops. In order to truly love a coffee house, it has to feel like a home to me, like a place that I could assuredly say is a place of comfort and sincerity. After a tiring search, I dropped my bags (okay, my laptop bag) in the snug little coffee shop by the name of Jupiter House.

 Jupiter House is definitely the coolest coffee shop that I have ever had the privilege of stepping foot in. Even its name exudes an extraterrestrial kind of awesomeness. As soon as I walked into Jupiter House, I was heartily greeted by the baristas behind the counter.

 While the sensational aroma of hot coffee beckoned me, I was able to clear my head enough of the caffeine induced fog to admire the hipster atmosphere. Everything screamed hipster- the lighting, the furniture, the art hanging from the brick walls, even the baristas smiling at me with mugs in hand. To top it all off, “Be kind to the hipsters: they’re doing the best they can” was painted on the wall by the baristas. I instantly fell in love.

 Not only does Jupiter House have an out of this world atmosphere, but it has otherworldly coffee as well. I ordered the Jupiter House equivalent of a white chocolate mocha and immediately floated off into some other galaxy from the magnificent taste.  The combination of a fantastic coffee and a lovely atmosphere made for an interstellar coffee shop.

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