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Joyce Elaine Grant photography

Hanging in the East and West galleries of TWU’s Visual Arts Building, the Joyce Elaine Grant Photography exhibition is on display for the sixteenth year.

Since its creation in 2001, TWU graduate students have continued to organize the exhibition named for the mother of TWU professor Susan Kae Grant. The exhibition features photographers from all walks of life and sponsors scholarship opportunities for graduate photography students.

Co-Coordinator of the exhibit and Graduate Photography student Joy Ellis said: “It’s the graduate students themselves and Susan K. Grant, who is extremely important in the whole process, that keep putting forward the effort for the exhibition.”

Each year, a new juror is chosen to curate the exhibition and if they choose to, decide a theme for the exhibition. Dr. Julia Dolan, a curator from the Portland Art Museum, sat as juror for the 2017 exhibition and chose not to restrict the exhibition with a theme. Instead, she received 122 submissions and chose the top 40 to display.

Ellis said: “Julie decided she didn’t want a theme she just wanted to see a lot of different types of photographs and the photographs she thought were really well done.”

The winner of this year’s solo show award was Kristine Thompson, an Assistant Professor of Photography at Louisiana State University. Her art work will be displayed during the spring of 2018. At present, last year’s winner of the solo art show award, Rob Stephenson’s exhibit “Urban Agriculture” is on display.  Thompson was picked for the solo exhibition award for the three black and white photos she submitted.

Ellis said: “Her work was very different and kind of politically and socially powerful work.” 




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