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Indoor plants, the natural work performance enhancer


Researchers at Washington State University conducted an experiment in which they tested college students of a wide range of age (18-46) to see if plants had an affect on a human’s body in a work environment.  

Given an assessment of questions pertaining to emotions and stress, each participant was measured by their blood pressure and pulse readings. In the first treatment, plants were absent from the windowless workspace while test participants performed tasks on a specific computer program tailored by WSU researchers.  

Results were recorded and the next treatment started. This time, indoor plants were added to the windowless workspace. 

What Happened When Plants Were Added 

  • Participants felt an increase in attentiveness in tasks they were performing. 
  • There was a noticeable 12% speed increase in work performance. 

What Else Plants Do 

 Everyone knows that plants produce oxygen for us to breathe and in the process, remove carbon dioxide from the air.  But did you know- a scientific article published by Desto Jumeno and Hiroshi Matsumoto found that they can also remove other indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde and airborne microbes. 

 And think about it- who wants to work in a place that has airborne microbes floating around? No thanks. 

Putting a Pet Plant in Your Dorm. 

TWU allows you to keep indoor plants in your dorm. Visit a local nursery and pick out one that suits your personality. From the serious succulents of aloe veras and Burro’s Tails to a weeping fig tree you can raise from a seedling, there are thousands of variations of plant pets you can choose from. Make sure you ask a plantsman or woman  at a nursery near you to learn about the individual needs of your chosen plants. Plants are as unique as people when it comes to food and water.  

Plants are a great way to liven up your space, whether it be via dorm, apartment or an office cubicle. Do not miss out on that clean air and improved work performance! 


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