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Indivisible Denton and Denton’s Divestment Day

Who is Indivisible Denton? 

With the socio-political culture that has enveloped the U.S. now reaching Denton, some of Denton’s residents are not willing to assimilate, and they are not simply sitting by quietly; as a result, Denton residents have come together to form an organized activist group in what is being called Indivisible Denton. 


What does Indivisible Denton do? 

 Indivisible Denton is a group with the aim, per their official website, of defending “the United States of America as a beacon of equality, truth, kindness and integrity.” The group has had a presence in Denton for the past year and has amassed over 3,567 members on their Facebook pages.  


How dthey operate? 

All in all, the vision of Indivisible Denton is achieved through the group’s continued attempt to disrupt “any agenda that undermines the values of equality, truth, kindness and integrity,” which is usually done through coordinated public gatherings and demonstrations that have drawn crowds in the hundreds, organizing letter writing campaigns to congress and “ultimately, ensuring [their] vision is faithfully represented by elected officials,” according to their website.  


Recent organization activity 

Indivisible Denton’s latest organized event, Denton’s Divestment Day, took place on Saturday, Feb. 17, 2018 and drew a crowd to downtown Denton square from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. During the gathering, individuals in attendance participated in an afternoon filled with activities that included Greek tragedies, speaker-led events, speeches and a performance by local musician, Olivia Justice.  


Reactions to Divestment Day 

The residents who organzied and participated in the event managed to create an open and inclusive environment where those in attendance could socialize and be active within their community. Johnathan Tringo, Denton resident and Divestment Day participant, said that the event “allows people to be active in town and influence political and social decisions in our community.” With many people in the community distancing themselves from politics, “this is the time when we need to come together like this,” Tringo added. 

The official website of Indivisible Denton is A list of their future events can also be found linked within the site.   

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