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Group therapy options such as depression, self-confidence and LGBTQ offered to TWU students

Group therapy options at Texas Woman’s University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) are still in session and continue to expand into new territory.

The group therapy sessions now offered at TWU address different topics such as anxiety, depression, self-confidence, LGBTQ issues and others. The different sessions include Coping with Depression, Coping with Anxiety, Alone in a Crowd, Growing Beyond Trauma, C. O. P. E. (Changing Our Perspective Effectively), Support Circle and LGBTQ Support Group. 

Coping with Depression and Coping With Anxiety are skills-based groups. Their intention is to give people struggling with depression and anxiety the tools to understand, manage and control their symptoms leading to a higher quality of life, according to the TWU Division of Student Life.

Alone in a Crowd sessions are described as a safe environment for people feeling frustrated in their relationships. In the sessions, the frustration of loneliness will be met with a shared learning environment in order to understand the complexities of long-term personal relationships. 

The purpose of the Growing Beyond Trauma group is to give a support system to trauma victims that also teaches them different techniques to help navigate their trauma. C. O. P. E. focuses on regulating strong emotions and heedfulness by using DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) skills to provide participants with the tools to build a better life. The Support Circle creates a space without judgment to help members find support, solve problems, or be met with empathy by people who are facing similar crises. 

LGBTQ+ individuals can find solace in the LGTBQ Support Group which is designed to help members go through questioning periods while also encouraging members to broaden their horizons and accept multiple types of identities. 

“Group is a way for different students and clients to come together for personal growth and have their concerns normalized and validated,” the current director of the CAPS Group Therapy Program Dr. Angela Adams said.

She expresses that group therapy helps build a support system that can not always be accomplished through individual group sessions because of the personal relationships and connections made with the other members of the group therapy sessions. Adams emphasizes the convenience of the group therapy sessions being moved onto a telehealth system.

“Now that we’re doing everything telehealth, Houston students join our virtual groups and we could have Dallas students join our virtual groups, as long as students are living in Texas they can be a part of our groups,” Adams said.

Adams wants information on the group session to be more available, and urges students to not be intimidated by the media’s representation of group sessions. She also encourages students to visit the CAPS website and take full advantage of these resources.

“Group is just as good if not a better therapy modality than individual therapy,” Adams said. 

All group therapy sessions begin in September, take place on Google Meets and are at various times ranging from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., but are group specific. Students currently enrolled at TWU have free access to group therapy and can be a part of a group while also attending other therapy options, such as individual and couples therapy. Group therapy is an unlimited service, as opposed to the individual sessions that are limited after six.

In order to join a group therapy session, individuals must reach out to CAPS to be registered on the group’s referral list, leading to CAPS staff scheduling a group intake appointment. The appointment will determine which treatment will best address one’s concerns. If a CAPS therapist concludes a group therapy session will adequately meet one’s needs, the group information will be provided. 

For more information, students can contact TWU CAPS at (940) 898-3801 or email at

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