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Greater Denton Arts Council showing Tyrone Geter’s work

The Greater Denton Arts Council is currently showing a South Carolina artist’s work in exhibition “I Come As One, But Stand As 10,000.” Inspired by his mother and the hardships women of color face, artist Tyrone Geter celebrates them and their stories, often times with just charcoal and ripped paper.

“When you walk in, there’s an immediate impact with the artwork, and that’s primarily due to the monumental scale of the figures that he depicts,” GDAC Education Coordinator Sara Greenberg said. “You are immediately faced with these people, and they kind of demand your attention and ask you to think about who these people are, why Geter chose to represent them, and what might be important to them as subjects of his artwork.”

Exhibitions Coordinator Jenny Bates worked with the artist to select and install pieces for the exhibition. Since the show’s opening Sept. 7, it has brought in many different people.

            “I think what’s really great about an exhibit like this is that it brings in a diversity of audiences and audiences that we don’t always see in our art center,” Greenberg said. “That’s a really fantastic aspect of it, that it’s bringing together groups of people who might not ordinarily come together.”

            Geter is not only renowned by the public, but is, according to Greenburg, a long-time friend of the executive director of the Denton Greater Arts Council, Georgina Ngozi. The exhibit features his works made in the states, as well as in Nigeria. According to Geter’s website, living in Africa “profoundly changed” his life and work.

“We’re also providing a platform for an artist who is black, and black artists are ordinarily under-represented in art galleries,” Greenberg said. “On top of that, subjects of color in artwork also don’t see a lot of attention in a gallery or museum setting, so it’s been a real privilege to show work by an artist who doesn’t get as much recognition in the canon of art history as other artists might, but then also to shine a light on the people and the things that happened to them in their life that often go unspoken.”

The exhibition will be open to the public until Dec. 8. Additionally, “Life & Legacy: A Vocal Recital by Styles of Artistry” will be held from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2 in conjunction with the exhibition. For more information on upcoming events, visit GDAC’s website.


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