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Golden Boys come to Denton

From gold sparkly accents to sleek black walls, the Golden Boy coffee shop wanted to stand out from the average traditional look.

“We really like the concept of kind of dark black and golds and the colors- it helps transition from coffee to cocktails,” co- owner Andy Cunningham told the Denton Record Chronicle.

Feb. 19, Golden Boy opened their doors, welcoming customers with coffee, treats and cocktails. The two co-owners, Cunningham and Trey Suire, worked together at a coffee shop in Dallas and later decided they could open up their own joint in Denton. The barista-owned shop plans to stand out with the best coffee. Many products are Texas-local, including coffee roasts, beers and wines. Cunningham told DRC that the water put out by their filtration system turns ordinary tap water to “angel tears,” and, in ode to the Golden Girls, have named a $22,000 Synesso espresso machine Dorothy.

The owners want their consumers to feel as if they cannot overstay their welcome in their all in one shop. .

“I can stay for the evening at the same place I’m already at, where I had coffee and food at, and now I can have a cocktail, or a beer, or a glass of wine,” Suire told DRC.

The cocktails are not just a side-gig: high-quality cocktails are just as important to the Golden Boys as the coffee is. To keep the drinks high quality, bartenders from places like Paschall Bar and 940’s Kitchen and Cocktails have joined the Golden Boys team.

Golden Boys will be open for roughly a month towards the end of March and already have many positive reviews on their Facebook page. With five out of five stars and approximately 40 reviews recommending the shop, they are staying true to their goal.

“We want your visit to GBCC to be memorable, so we strive to provide excellent food and beverages, accompanied by exceptional customer service,” states the Golden Boys website.

Like most places in Denton, the shop has swag for customers to purchase, ranging from T-shirts, patches, hats and cups. Golden Boys is located right off the square at 1803 North Elm Street. During the week, the shop is open from 6 to 12 a.m. and on the weekends from 7 to 12 a.m. For more information, visit the Golden Boys Facebook page or their website to get to know the crew.

Like the Golden Boys motto, “Stay golden.”

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