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Funding needed for new bench to honor lives lost from COVID-19

The Staff Council is currently seeking funding to implement a new bench and plaque on the Denton campus of Texas Woman’s University in order to remember the lives lost due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Staff Council is a group of staff on campus organized to foster a spirit of unified community among staff members at TWU and to provide opportunities for their democratic representation, according to their website. During the first part of the pandemic, the Staff Council lost a member due to COVID-19. Through this loss, they realized they wanted to provide a permanent and impactful space for the TWU community to reflect on those lost during the pandemic.

“I know so many people were touched by this pandemic, and I wanted the memorial to be something permanent,” staff member Cynthia Snider said. “I love the idea of the bench, because people can sit down for a moment and look at what the bench says.”

With this funding, the Staff Council is hoping that they will be able to add plaques to preexisting benches on the Dallas and Houston campuses of TWU as well as the new bench and plaque at the Denton campus. A website compiled submissions from students, faculty and staff that wished to recognize friends or family that had passed from COVID-19 related illnesses, but Snider said that the Council wanted to include a memorial that was inclusive of all those who have passed due to COVID-19, because some names may not be submitted.

“I think if everybody in the university were to just give $1, we’d easily meet the money we need,” Snider said.

The smallest donation is not only enough, but it is greatly appreciated, Snider said. All proceeds from this fundraiser will go directly to the Campus Beautification Fund. The Staff Council aims to earn $1,000 for this project.

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Graphic by Stephanie Vo.

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