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Dr. Jay-line Jane to Receive Chancellor’s Alumni Excellence Award

TWU will be honoring Dr. Jay-lin Jane with the Chancellor’s Alumni Excellence Award this Thursday, Oct. 19.

Jane received a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry from TWU in 1978, and she has gone on to perform ground-breaking research in starch that has contributed to research in other fields that include colon cancer and diabetes research.

Despite the accolades Jane has received throughout her career, she was surprised to receive this honor from TWU. Jane admitted “It was a total surprise… a true pleasant surprise that literally made me humble, so I’m honored to receive this award.” Jane has received the Alsberg-French-Schoch Award from the American Association of Cereal Chemist, and she has served on the executive committee of the American Chemical Society’s Carbohydrate Division. Through all these accomplishments, Jane credits her education at TWU for laying the groundwork. “Through the years, I actually frequently thought that my education, received at TWU, really set a solid foundation for my career development,” said Jane.

TWU is a unique environment that empowers its students, and reflecting on this, Jane thought about one of her first experiences during graduate school. Jane shared “I frequently reminisce and think back, and one of the things that sticks in my mind was. . . we had a glass-blowing laboratory, and the instructor . . . on the first lecture he said, ‘when you come to this lab, don’t think that you cannot open the glass jar: that you need someone else to help you.’” Jane explained that at other schools, men would open difficult jars for their female classmates. “That actually was a very important lesson… so I learned that, women and men, we are all equal, and that we have to solve the problem ourselves and not to rely on other people to help,” said Jane.

Janes looks forward to thanking TWU and her former professors in person this Thursday at 4:30 p.m. in the atrium of the Ann Stuart Science Complex, and she offered some advice for future TWU graduates in advance by saying “TWU is a great university, so everyone needs to work hard and get the best education they can so that their future will be bright, and [there are] no limits; only the sky is the limit.”

The event is open to the public, and more information on it can be found here.

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