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Denton County confirms second COVID-19 related death, 11 new cases

Denton County Public Health confirmed the second COVID-19-related death and 11 additional cases in Denton County this afternoon. 

The patient was a male resident of Aubrey who had previously been hospitalized after contracting the virus via local transmission. 

“We are saddened to report a second COVID-19 death within our county,” Denton County Judge Andy Eads said in a news release. “To his family, we continue to send our thoughts and prayers to you as you navigate through this difficult time.”

The 11 new cases include one additional case at the Denton State Supported Living Center, bringing the resident case count to 40 and the countywide total to 148. One additional DSSLC staff member tested positive, but the case is reflected in the city in which the staff member resides.

The additional cases come one day after City of Denton Mayor Chris Watts announced in a news conference that The Texas Health and Human Services Commission will add four EMT units at the center and have developed a plan to transport patients to county hospitals and provide on-site care for patients who do not need hospitalization. DCPH officials have been testing residents and staff at DSSLC over the last few days as more testing has become available, starting with those at the highest risk of exposure. 

More than 100 of those who tested positive in Denton County are in home isolation, with 32 hospitalized and 4 pending investigation. DCPH is working to identify and contact anyone who may have been exposed. 

Eads said yesterday officials share the concerns of those who have loved one at DSSLC and are working to continue to funnel emergency resources to the center. 

“We share your concern,” Eads said. “We have been working in a strategic manner to get all the resources we can. These are valuable members of our society – we care for them and they are in good hands. 

“They are in the top of our mind and these last couple of weeks we have been working to provide a clear plan of action to keep them safe.”

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