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Dance troupe to throw Holiday Craft Bonanza

Denton’s Christmas crafters could find themselves in like company this holiday season.

Sunday, Dec. 2, DFW-based performance group Eclektic Elektric is hosting a holiday craft fair at Q’s Café in Denton. The event will feature DIY classes and workshops in card-making, baking, gifts and more. The fair runs from 3:30 to 7 p.m. and is open to all ages. It will be followed by a burlesque-style mixed performance from 7:30 to 9 p.m. for attendees 18 and up.

SCRAP Denton will be teaching children’s crafts, and members of Eclektic who are not teaching classes will be singing Christmas carols.

Eclektic’s founder and director Scarlett Frenzy said the event serves a few purposes.

“We’re trying to cover flights and lodging for all of our members that are going to Panama to perform,” Frenzy said in reference to an upcoming show, “so I thought it’d be a really cute idea to have a holiday craft fair where our members could teach crafts they know how to do as gifts for the holidays.”

Eclektic is a variety troupe that is as versatile as it is LGBTQ-friendly, performing a range of shows at local venues.

“We are a mixed performance group, so a lot of the places we perform in are burlesque and drag – Glitter Bomb, things like that; queer venues,” Frenzy said. “We can do a ballet performance; we can do jazz, drag, pretty much anything.”

The event date coincides with Eclektic’s birthday, but Frenzy said it is meaningful to the group for another reason.

“Last year on New Year’s Eve we lost a friend of ours, and that [Dec. 2] was her last performance before she passed away,” Frenzy said, “so this is kind of a tribute to her. I’m excited about remembering her with all the people that were there last year – just celebrating us and having fun together as a troupe and a family.”

Tickets are $10 on Eventbrite or Eclektic’s Facebook page, and cover entry to the event and after show. Individual workshops and classes are donation-based.

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