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Crunch time and coffee

Now that the library has a Starbucks, sitting at the library for five hours straight doesn’t seem so bad anymore. However, we all get that itch where we need to get up, move around, and be with less zombie-like human beings. 

If you are the type of person to need a change of scenery, coffee fixes abound in downtown Denton. Weekend rushes can be brutal, so sticking to weekdays and evenings is the best rule of thumb if you want to avoid lines of people salivating over their caffeine-induced adrenaline high. 

For students who live on campus, Zera Coffee Company is just down Bell Ave. and McKinney St; about a 15 minute walk from the dorms. Zera has plenteous seating for group meetings and comfy niches for studying. They are also a ministry — run completely by volunteers and according to their website revenue goes to supporting the Denton Freedom House. There’s nothing better than feeling productive and charitable simultaneously. 

Jupiter House, located crossways between Hickory St. and Locust St., is within walkable distance from campus, roughly 20 minutes. There is also free parking behind the Wells Fargo on Hickory. On top of the fact that they sell muffins and smoothies, there is a free community library located inside and they always have the latest paper. Outlets are installed at every table, so if you need your computer to study, the free WiFi and charging capabilities make up for the sometimes crowded building. Just put in some headphones and go. West Oak Coffee Bar, across the street, has indoor and outdoor seating as well. The perks of West Oak: bench seating and WiFi, with the ambiance of a fancy French café. 

Students need to eat too. Café Brazil, Seven Mile Café and Hypnotic Donuts have coffee houses built-in. Café Brazil is open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays until 11 p.m. every other night. All three offer WiFi services. Both Hypnotic and Seven Mile close at 2 or 3 p.m. each day, so they’re great for students who like to bite the bit and get on top of their studies earlier in the day. 

Needless to say, there is no lack of study spaces that provide all the amenities and human interaction that a student needs. Build in time to study into your schedule, then walk to your destination. Exercise and productiveness: two birds with one stone. The nice thing is, when you go to these places, you see other people from all walks of life doing exactly what you’re doing.

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