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Column: DIY a day to keep the boredom away

Even though you may still have Zoom classes to attend and assignments galore to complete, you
may be finding yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands. For those of you overwhelmed
with alone time and bored out of your wits, here are a couple DIYS to keep you from calling it
quits this week:

  1. All you need is yarn and scissors to make this pom-pom bookmark. For a soothing mind break, you can take a few minutes away from schoolwork to make some in a couple of different colors.
  2. For more advanced crafters, this ribbon bookmark can help you take your bookmark-making to the next level. This project requires a few more supplies, but the result is worth the investment.
  3. Maybe you aren’t a bookworm, but you want to improve your home décor while you’re stuck inside. DIYing this gold leaf vase is an easy, effective way to make glass in your home classier.
  4. You may have picked back up on sewing while you’ve had more time at home. A cute way to make your sewing station your own is to DIY these mason jar pin cushions that can serve two purposes in one as a container for buttons or small bobbins.
  5. This DIY is a little trickier, but now more than ever is it a good idea to have a hand sanitizer pouch handy.
  6. For a color accent in your kitchen or just a fun project to do with your kids or siblings, this plant wall art is a quick and fun way to get out in nature and make something more out of your evening walk.
  7. For our last DIY this week, there are lots of ways to start seeds using cardboard tubes. After you play the smoking toilet prank on your quarantine buddy, get a second use out of your toilet paper and paper towel rolls.

If you do any of these DIYs, feel free to share it on social media and tag us @twulasso. Happy

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Catty Tomaszewski can be reached at

Featured image by Catty Tomaszewski.

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