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Chelsea Martin Stands out as both Student and Athlete


Senior Midfielder Chelsea Martin, in many ways, represents the very best of TWU as both an athlete and a student. Like many students here at TWU, Martin has not had a completely traditional path through college. She originally committed to TWU as a freshman in high school; however, as many teenagers do, she experienced a sudden desire to “get out of Dodge,” in a manner of speaking. She de-committed and enrolled in a university in Oklahoma, but the experience was not what she hoped for. “My first fall there was not what I expected . . . I hated being away from home,” said Martin. TWU welcomed her back with open arms, and Martin has delivered for TWU. Just this past Thursday, she contributed two goals in a lopsided 4-0 victory over Southern Nazarene.  

Martin, however, contributes far more than her athletic ability to both TWU and her Denton community. It is doubtful that students that sit next to her in class even realize that Martin is a star athlete at TWU. Martin is both a bit shy and unassuming, and her interests outside of school exude a humility that is admirable in any individual. She works in the Math Lab tutoring students who need an extra helping hand, and she is involved with the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, helping to acclimate new student-athletes to TWU and giving them a voice on campus. She also volunteers at the hospital, spending time with children in the playroom as they fight to overcome illnesses.   

Martin is a Child Development major, and she expects to receive her undergrad degree this May. Afterwards, she intends to pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching here at TWU.  She wants to be a teacher and coach, and she is eager to take her next academic step. “I’ve kind of been on the fence about what I want to do, so figuring it out feels really good,” said Martin. When reflecting on her experience at TWU and what her degree will mean to her, Martin says, “I think it’s empowering just knowing that this school is very unique in general, especially compared to my old school, and it’s really focused around academics, so just being able to say I graduated from here… people will know and think, ‘that’s good academics.’ ” Martin is not quite done with TWU though, and this campus is lucky to still have her around.   

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