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Celebrate October

With the month of October just beginning, it is time to pull out your fall decorations and start planning your Halloween costume. The leaves will soon start to change colors, and the weather will finally begin to cool down. October is the perfect month for watching scary movies, carving pumpkins and busting out your sweater collection. It is also home to numerous national special days and holidays, 136 to be exact. Whether you are into celebrating animals, food or event-based holidays, the month of October most certainly has a day for you. Here are some interesting holidays in October that you might want to celebrate.

If you are looking for some bizarre holidays to celebrate this October, look no further. Oct. 2 is National Name Your Car Day, Oct. 9 is National Moldy Cheese Day and Oct. 16 is National Feral Cat Day. For any foodies that are looking for a reason to eat some sweet treats, October is just the month for you. Oct. 1 is National Homemade Cookie Day, Oct. 10 is National Angel Food Cake Day and Oct. 21 is National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day. Oct. 31 may be the most well-known October holiday since it is Halloween, but it is also National Caramel Apple Day, National Knock-Knock Jokes Day and National Magic Day. Not only do the days of October have specific holidays, the month itself does as well. October is most commonly known as Bullying Prevention month, ADHD Awareness month and National Sarcasm month.

The special days mentioned above are only a few that the month of October has to offer. With multiple national holidays and special days occurring on each day of the month, it is not difficult to find something to commemorate. For more information about the various special days in October, simply follow this link


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