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Candidates vie for spots on the Denton city council

Voting in local elections is an important tool for promoting community involvement and civic engagement. Whether you are a longtime Dentonite or a newcomer to the area, it is important to stay informed on local issues and the candidates running. 

The next local election will be May 6, where four city council district seats will be up for election. Early voting will take place from April 24 to May 2, with a voting site being at Texas Woman’s University’s Student Union at Hubbard Hall. TWU’s site will not be a polling site for the regular election day.

 District 1

The candidates to represent District 1 are Birdia Johnson and Vicki Byrd.

Byrd, the incumbent, has served on the council since May 2021. According to her website, her platform focuses on justice and equality, creating economic opportunities and transportation infrastructure. In the past, she has approved the creation of a sustainability fund, passed a non-discrimination ordinance and introduced a Quakertown memorial. 

Johnson is running on a platform of government transparency, road improvements and minimized tax increases. She has previously served on the City Council and is a current member of the Denton Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

District 2

For District 2, Brian Beck is running unopposed.

Beck was elected to the council in May 2021 and has previously served on the Denton Planning and Zoning Commission, the Denton Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Woodrow Wilson Community Advisory Board. His platform focuses on government transparency, public health and bettering water and air quality according to his website.

District 3

In District 3, the candidates are Jesse Davis, Paul Meltzer and Stephen Paul “Bub” Dillenberg.

Davis, the incumbent, has served on the council since May 2019. His platform focuses on advocating for more first responders, safer communities, lower tax rates and historic preservation according to his website.

Meltzer has previously served on the City Council and Mayor Pro Tempore, which is an appointed position that allows a member to act as Mayor in the absence of one. According to his website, his platform advocates for preserving green space, promoting democracy and inclusivity.

According to his website, Dillenberg advocates for increased allegiance to the Constitution and government transparency.

District 4

In District 4, the candidates are Joe Holland, Donald Thornton and Stephanie Neuharth.

According to Holland’s website, he supports city maintenance, police, fire, and EMS, low tax rates and historical preservation. Holland has previously served as Denton County Justice of the Peace and the Zoning Board of Adjustment, Bond Committee and Bond Oversight Committee.

Thornton’s platform focuses on keeping property taxes affordable, promoting economic development and addressing homelessness in Denton.

Neuharth is running on a platform that advocates for fewer tax burdens and supports Denton’s police and fire departments. 

Featured illustration by Stephanie Vo

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