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Brackenridge renovation funding approved by Board of Regents

Funding was approved for the renovation of Brackenridge Hall by the Texas Woman’s University System Board of Regents on Feb. 18.

The university is looking to renovate the building into a “one-stop” student services center. The center will include a visitor’s center, financial center and other university services. The project will cost $42.5 million, according to the university’s website.

“What we are looking for here mostly is just something that allows either prospective students or existing students to take care of things that have to do with financial aid and enrollment,” university spokesperson Matt Flores said. “It hasn’t been fully vetted yet in terms of all of the services that could be available there, but the expectation is that if you are a brand-new student, you want to be able to go to one place to get your questions answered.”

There is no set date on when the project will begin, but the university is hoping to have it start within the next calendar year, Flores said.

“Assuming that things transpire the way that a normal construction project like this would go, we are hopeful that something can be in place for the academic year beginning in 2025,” Flores said. “Sometime between fall 2025 and spring 2026 would be a reasonable timeframe to expect that the project could be completed.”

The current offices for university services will remain in their standard locations, but they are hoping to have individuals from those services answer questions at the upcoming service center.

“I think what we are looking for is a place where there are individuals who can provide necessary information about those [services],” Flores said. “They would have a representative from admissions in that student center, or in that visitor center that can help answer questions or point them in the right direction for what they need to do.”

The university is currently waiting on proposals from design companies for the project.

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