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Boo At the U 2017

This Thursday, Oct. 19, many families and students came to the fun pre-Halloween party more formally know as Boo at the U. Set up around TWU’s amphitheater, visitor parking and the Hubbard Hall Lawn were giant inflatables, carnival games, train and carriage rides, and how could we not forget, candy and more candy!

Music blared down from a DJ’s large speaker on the lawn as families made their way around the event. Some of the music was Halloween oriented. I think I heard a song from the soundtrack from the kid’s animation The Nightmare Before Christmas, which took me back a few years to when I was a young boy.

Kids and adults had their faces painted in front of the athletic center. Overall, the atmosphere was ripe with good spirit and fun costumes. Looking around, there was not a person that could be found who was not laughing or smiling.

There were many families with kids dressed in popular superhero, villain or supernatural creature costumes. One family, The Works, brought their two year old son because, “it’s a fun place and family oriented.” Jazmine Foster was also there with her five-year-old daughter, Robyn, and commented, “We don’t normally do trick-or-treating on actual Halloween, so this is my safer way of her getting her candy.” Jazmine says that she has been bringing Robyn to Boo at the U since she was one year old.

Laura Riley from First United Bank of Denton, one of the sponsors of the Boo at the U event, said, “We are out here to support the community and make sure everybody has a good time.” Next to their booth was Aline Ortiz from Smiles Magic, who was passing out toothbrushes and said, “We are just informing people about the benefits of healthy brushing and flossing.” With all the candy being given out the event, Aline thought parents and children should be aware of the dental risks that come with candy.

Sophomore Guard KJ Stastny, who was one of the volunteers from TWU’s basketball team who was running one of the inflatables, stated that “the entire basketball team is here helping out.” The Family Services Coordinator Shaneka Guyton brought the “clubhouse kids along with some families to come in participate in this great event.”

In the truck-or-treat parking lot, Tom Sutorius President of TWU’s soccer club said, “we do truck-or-treat every year. We always have a blast doing it.” Molly Heart from Community Dance center was also passing out candy from her vehicle to kids. I caught the University photographer, Michael Modecki, taking many photos of Boo at the U, and he shared powerful words about the event, “This is fun, getting the families out here. TWU needs a lot of this energy, because it brings the community on campus.”

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