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Backyard on Bell

On Oct. 6-8, Backyard on Bell celebrated it’s grand opening after a previous weekend of soft openings. Backyard on Bell is a patch of green grass and open area just a 10 minute walk from TWU’s campus with a hot spot for food trucks, a mini pizzeria and bar to boot.

They will be open Thurs-Sat 11-2 a.m. and 11-12 a.m. on all other days except Monday — the only day of rest for these folks. Food trucks will be able to line-up along the sidewalk at the cross section of Bell Ave. and McKinney St. On Saturday,

DFW food trucks Hendricks BBQ and Holy Frijoles were camped out and will plan to be every weekend, according to Holy Frijoles employee Jacob Rios. Rios explained that they actually have a small chain with four food trucks traveling the state of Texas. You can find updates on their location through Facebook or Twitter, @santofrijol.

Never fear T-Dubbers, a fresh taco and marinated chopped beef sandwich will never be far away.

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