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Baaamaste your stress away

“Yoga is an ever-evolving practice,” according to Clever Yoga. Yoga is constantly changing, evolving and adding new moves or props to the exercise. One of the new trends in the yoga community is goat yoga, where you take to the mat with goats roaming around you or even jumping on you. Goat yoga has come to the DFW area with Goat Yoga Richardson, which is the first in the area. GYR believes in “fitness, fun and community,” according to its website. 

Currently, there are 10 goats and one mini horse that participate in GYR. These goats have free range and do as they please. They have no problem with jumping from yogi to yogi. The goats will be goats while you practice yoga. 

According to the website, Spirituality Health, the purpose of yoga is to become one with your inner self and to form a healthy mind and body. Goat Yoga explains that adding a goat into the mix is like adding a temporary therapy animal. The goats will help lessen stress and lift your spirit. 

To get into this event, you must purchase a $22 ticket in advance. Currently, GYR is booked until June, so getting a ticket in advance secures your spot. GYR is located on 446 Highland Blvd. Richardson, TX 75081. For more information about Goat Yoga, you can email or call (469) 316-1052 with questions or visit their website,, to view the goats profiles, purchase tickets, view calendar or book a private event. 

                                                         Jenna Gibson / The Lasso

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