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Anti-Valentine’s Day

The real Valentine’s Day 

Pink hearts, chocolate hearts and candy hearts fill the stores before February can even officially begin.  


People are suddenly falling in love and wanting an extravagant date with their boo. Couples are dropping hundreds of dollars just for some flowers that will die within a week and chocolates that will be eaten in two days. Valentine’s Day is overrated. Show love year-round and not just on this Hallmark holiday. 


Couples go all out for each other on this specific date. Does anyone really know why it’s even deemed the “day of love?”  A baby in a diaper with a bow and arrow is the day’s mascot. That alone is something to be concerned about. Also, why does this chocolate-filled holiday fall a month after we all set our “healthy body” goals for the New Year? After getting a month into our New Year’s resolution, we are getting showered with chocolates.  


The dreaded teddy bears 

Teddy bears seem to be a staple in many gift ideas. Usually, the bear has some sort of saying like “I love you.” If you’re giving a bear that says this, your partner probably already knows. A bear will just take up space. These giant teddy bears are too big. A four-foot-tall bear doesn’t fit nicely in any room. Spending $100 on something that is basically a dust collector is just ridiculous. If you’re going to spend that much, you might as well just go to a nice dinner.  


Agonizing dates 

Fancy dates are cute, but every “nice” restaurant is going to be booked solid on Valentine’s Day. You either have to make reservations way in advance or be willing to wait hours for a table.  


These nice restaurants tend to come with a dress code, and who wants to stand in a crowded area waiting to be seated while wearing uncomfortable dressy clothes? Not many people. You’ll spend more time waiting than actually eating.  


Instead of going all out for this one day, why not just stay in sweats and enjoy each other’s company?  


Knock off candy 

Stores that sell Valentine’s Day items tend to immediately put everything at 50 percent off, if not more, the next day. So, instead of spending $20 on a decent sized box of chocolates, pig out on two for the price of one, or even less, the next day.  


Really though, do whatever makes you and your partner happy. If celebrating Valentine’s Day is what you do, then do it. If you see no importance of celebrating the day, then don’t. Spend time with whoever you want, even if it’s just yourself. Being happy is all that matters, not just on Feb. 14, but year-round.  AntiValentina's

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