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Alternative spring break provides opportunity to make a difference

Spring Break options

A hazy memory of a vacation filled with wild partying, sand and sunburns is likely what most college students have in mind when picturing spring break. For those who would spend their break making a difference in the surrounding community, volunteer services in the Center for Student Development sponsors Alternative Breaks.

What alternative breaks consist of

Alternative breaks are offered during specific weekends during the fall and spring semesters, as well as during spring break, and consist of community, national and international service opportunities where students have the opportunity to help others in need, and in the process become enlightened on cultural and social differences worldwide. During the community service, participants will have the opportunity to learn about and help individuals struggling with poverty, homelessness, lack of education and healthcare, HIV/AIDS and environmental disaster aftermath.


What to expect

Upon signing up for alternative breaks, students can expect to work with community service organizations centered on specific social issues during the trip in the community and on campus. Students who sign up for Alternative Breaks must attend orientation where they will be active in discussions, learn about the issue the trip is based on, learn about trip activities and begin working as a team with other members. Participants will also be asked to reflect daily on what they experience, to think about what factors lead to the social issues they are studying and how cultural and economic factors play a role. This program follows TWU’s policy of being all inclusive to students of all cultural and economic backgrounds. Students are required to sign a no alcohol or drugs contract upon signing up for this program. The deadline to sign up is Oct. 20 at 5 p.m.

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