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Pioneers end season play after losing tie breaker



On Nov. 3, the Pioneers faced Angelo State University (ASU) in the quarter-final round of the Lone Star Conference tournament, where a tie continued into over-time play. The tie was broken by five penalty kicks, which put the Belles in the lead 4-3.

The game started out in the Pioneers favor with two successful saves by goalkeeper Samantha Jimenez. The Pioneers countered these shots with a goal scored by senior forward and midfielder Gaby Larson with an assist by junior midfielder Chelsea Martin and senior forward Rachel Peters. Jimenez goes onto deny 9 shots against the Belles, her career-high number of saves.

With an assist by senior first-year forward Hannah Schneider and Larson expanded lead against the Belles 2-0 in the 60th minute.

The Pioneer lead faltered during the second half of play after a penalty kick by ASU Trenadey Scott scored past Jimienez.

imagesnov10_page_5_image_0004The Belles cut the lead and sent the game into overtime after ASU’s Shay Williams scored against TWU with an assist by ASU’s Lauren Perry.

During over-time, first-year midfielder Maddi Nolton scored against the Belles but was contested when TWU was called off-sides.

Jimenez prevented the Belles from taking the lead during over-time with a save in the 103rd minute of play.

Five penalty kicks broke the tie and move one team onto the semi-final round of the conference.

ASU won the contest with four goals to TWU’s three, advancing the Belles to the semi-finals round and ending the Pioneers conference play

This game concluded the Pioneer’s season and set their record to nine wins, eight losses, and two ties. 

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