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Denton’s ofrenda

Sugar skulls and cobwebs with fake spiders decorate windows in shops lining the Denton square as businesses prepare for Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival which will be held on Oct. 29. Since 2011, Denton’s Day of the Dead Festival has brought coffin races, pumpkin patches, comedy horror shows and salsa

Oaktopia hits minor bumps but still rocks the crowds

For those of you who may have attended Oaktopia Fest this year, it was an adventure to say the least. Between all the new events going on simultaneously to the concerts, minor weather hemorrhages, scheduling hiccups and, well, your typical injuries—Oaktopia managed to slam the scales as the biggest event

Utopia on Oak St. when artists come together

According to the rest of us, you could say Matt Battaglia’s life started at age 23. While age doesn’t really matter, it does when it comes to extraordinary things, such as founding one of Denton’s most popular music festivals. Born and raised in Denton, Battaglia spent his time, “doing what Denton

Denton Blues Festival approaches

Organized by the Denton Black Chamber of Commerce, The Denton Blues Festival attracts thousands of people each year to enjoy a weekend of blues, food, and fun for everyone in the family at Quakertown park. Chairmen of the Denton Black Chamber of Commerce Kevin Goree said: “It’s a free and community

Denton hosts annual Arts and Jazz festival

Community members spend weekend celebrating International Jazz Day at Quakertown Park outdoors and in the sun Emily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival is a three-day weekend tradition for people living in the North Texas area. For community members of all ages, the festival is a family-friendly event inclusive to