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A senior’s tips on getting through college

Having only one semester left in college tends to make one reflective of the time spent there. I’ve been in college since Fall 2010, making my total time in college close to seven years. Don’t even get me started on why it took so long. But, having had a pretty

Introduction to Professor Elrod

Curly hair flips over one shoulder as Dr. Diana Elrod switches directions, walking closer to her Anatomy and Physiology students while she continues to lecture, explaining the differences between neutrophils and eosinophils.  Since 2008, Dr. Elrod, a Visiting Associate Professor, has taught at TWU, backed by 20 years of experience in

Dreams turn to dust; former TWU student

Unexpected and unavoidable health issues caused a downward spiral for this student, with no choice but to withdraw in Fall 2015 Emily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief Nebiyat “Nebbie” Tesfayi arrived at the TWU campus for a rare visit since she withdrew from the university sometime in Fall 2015. Effervescent and full of life, the young

Degree deadline

Taking more than four years to finish college does not reflect badly on you Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor I’ve spent the last four years stressing over classes with my head in books, and I am still not graduating on time. While my fourth year in college is coming to a close and graduation

Dreams turn to dust for college hopefuls

Dropout rates remain prevalent in today’s college culture and graduation rates reflect that only half of students make it to the finish line Emily Nickles, Editor-in-Chief The Lasso is writing a three-part series, looking into the issue of college drop-outs and how that applies to Texas Woman’s University students. Part one: Students look forward

The case against group projects

Collaborations in class lead to unnecessary stress Amanda Hall, Reporter When most students hear the word “group project,” they moan with dread of the impending doom of stress and lazy group mates. I am that student too. My greatest fear as a Type A “control freak” and perfectionist is that I will