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Whispers in the Dark

Tricks for covering those pesky love bites

Photo by Chuck Greenslade
Photo by Chuck Greenslade

Sierra Taylor, Managing Editor

Disclaimer: This is a column about sex and sexy things. This is meant to entertain, inform, and answer those questions you are too embarrassed to ask.

We’ve all had our fair share of love-bites.

They happen to all of us, but hickeys are a little embarrassing. As teenagers, this was not such a big deal, but as we enter the world of professionalism, it can be seen as childish and be cringe-worthy; especially when your professors and bosses can see them.

Since the beginning of high school, I have been teaching friends how to cover up their hickeys. I spent a lot of time between classes dapping base on a friend’s neck in the bathroom before finding the perfect way to mask the blemish. Sometimes turtlenecks and scarves cannot do the trick, so here are some tips for your cover up.

Make-up is the best and easiest way to go in this situation. Simple foundation will not always hide the dark area, so you will have to have color corrector to get the job done well. I will always thank my mother and the tube oozing green in her make-up drawer for this trick. She explained to me, long before I knew what a hickey was, that the green tone neutralizes the red color and would reduce the redness on your face from an annoying zit. For the best cover up, try applying a little of your regular liquid foundation over the hickey, then apply the green color corrector to hide the remaining red tint. Use a concealer close to your skin tone to blend it in, and lastly use a   skin-colored powder as the final layer.

A hickey is really just a bruise, so try applying an ice pack or a cold spoon that has spent about ten minutes in your freezer. It may be uncomfortable, but it should reduce the swelling.

Another trick to mask these kiss marks is to break up the area. Pressing the cap from your chapstick into the spot and twisting it back and forth should get the blood flowing in the area and lighten the mark.

In the heat of the moment, avoiding hickeys might be tough, but remind your partner to keep the sucking and biting out of eyesight.

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