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Board of Regents Special Meeting Agenda

Thursday, April 4, 2019, at 4:00 PM Full Board Members: Regents Perez (Chair), Coleman, Doggett, Galbraith (Non-Voting), Jester, Paup, Schrader, Shepard, Wilson & Wu. I. Call Meeting to Order II. Adjourn to Executive Closed Session  A.              Consultation with Attorney Regarding Legal Matters and/or Contemplated Litigation, Personnel Matters, or Settlement Offers pursuant to §551.071 of the

TWU pushes agenda at Texas State Capitol

One slogan that Texas Woman’s University lives by is to “learn by doing.” Whether through classes or through student organizations, I have seen TWU’s continuous effort to engage students in hands-on experience in order to enhance their educations. One of these real-world experiences that TWU offers to students every year is TWU’s Day at

Bria Northrop named Athlete of the Month

Every month, TWU Athletics recognizes one student athlete for going above and beyond in their field. For this month, the honor was given to junior health studies major Bria Northrop. Northrop is currently a part of the TWU gymnastics team but was competing in the gymnastics world with Fuzion Gymnastics before she signed on

TWU Houston Center to host 2019 Parry Lecture

Every year, Texas Woman’s University hosts a Parry Lecture on its Houston campus. Each year features a different topic, and this year’s lecture will be over indigenizing the health professions. The lecture will take place Mar. 7 from 5-7 p.m. in the Houston Endowment Auditorium. The 2019 Parry Lecture will be presented by Dr.

Board of Regents Agendas

AGENDA FINANCE AND AUDIT COMMITTEE MEETING Thursday, February 21, 2019, at 1:00 PM Finance and Audit Committee Members: Regents Wilson (Chair), Jester, Schrader, Wu & Perez (Ex- Officio) I. Call Finance and Audit Committee Meeting to Order II. Approval of the Minutes of the Finance and Audit Committee Meeting of November 8, 2018 III.

PIONERAS scholarship enhances students’ education

TWU is all about helping its students with their education as much as it can, and the PIONERAS scholarship is one of the many unique ways that the university accomplishes this.  Now, in its second year of existence, the Professional Improvement through Optimization of Native-language Education and the Realization of  Academic/familial Symbiosis,

When the power of the pen results in murder

Words have power, and Saudi Arabia officials seem to recognize that since they killed journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Yes, I know that is a bold statement to make, and a dangerous one if I lived anywhere but the United States, but I truly believe that Khashoggi’s death was not unplanned. Khashoggi was

Experience Little Elm

Denton is home to many students at Texas Woman’s University, but some students may have the desire to venture outside of the city. Little Elm, a city just 30 minutes outside of Denton, is giving students a chance to explore the world around Denton without breaking their wallets by hosting

Your vote is valuable

Voting is an incredibly important matter that many people, especially students, tend to overlook. A vast number of the U.S. population only care about voting when it comes time for Presidential elections. While the presidential election is a significant time for voting, there are many other elections within local communities

TWU sports are going strong

With the start of a new semester comes a new wave of Pioneer pride for the sports teams of TWU. The soccer and volleyball teams have not taken much of a summer break because they are already back in the grind for victory.             With the construction of the new dorms,